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Concealment Bags

Concealed Carry Bag Collection 

For concealed carry bags, we use a garment grade leather making them light weight, flexible, and durable. The leather is tanned and colored simultaneously ensuring the color is deeply set and won't come off on clothing or water spot in the weather. Even when soaking wet, it won't shrink or salt stain. Inside compartments are individually lined in a cotton polyester blend resulting in double wall linings between facing pockets. The large gussets allow one pocket not to ""borrow"" space from the other so items don't press towards the outside of the leather concealed carry purses.  Each conceal carry bag has a concealment pocket. This pocket is double walled with rip-stop lining. Regardless of what your needs are; this pocket does just what it says - conceals. The natural markings and subtle variations in color are your assurance of genuine leather.