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We love hearing from our customers about how much they love our handcrafted leather goods. If you would like to send us a testimonial we would be glad to add it to our site. You can send your testimonials to us by Clicking Here, or find your favorite product and write a review right on the product page, then we will see to it that it gets posted here on this page.

Here are some of the things our customers have said about our products.

Hallelujah! It worked. Thanks. I had just emptied my purse and tried transferring it all to another bag – did not work. Then I opened your site and found the repair instructions! I am so happy. Thank you so much. And yet another service that makes your products superior. Customer service!

Wow, Hey Tracy, Laura and all at Ace Leather Goods,

You guys totally rock. The tooling, stitching, quality of the leather, all of it is really really great. I've been breaking in my wallet, card holder and checkbook cover and 'm really pleased with the tooled designs and quality of the leather. I get the feeling I will still be able to say that years from now about these very things I still own. Its a good feeling knowing those standards still exist. The smell and feel of that great leather is awesome too. Also, it feels good knowing my money is going to the high standards from the sweat in your shop and not to a sweat shop. I definitely plan on ordering more from you in the future. I guess once you go hand made, its really hard to go back. I tell ya, the only dangerous thing now is I'm constantly taking my wallet out just looking at it! Ha!

Thanks again,

Rock Awwwn,

Harry Hawver

Hi all:

Ive just got to share this

I purchased one of your small conversion organizer purchases about 2 years ago. Im still using it today, and, because it suits my needs SO well, AND looks like the day I bought it, I don't have need to purchase another purse.!!! Its been through Florida rains, dog drool (working golden retriever rescue does WONDERS for your leather accessories like shoes and purses), food spills, more dog drool, and you name it, its been spilled on my purse. A few wipes with a damp cloth and some mild soap later, it looks like the day I bought it, soft and supple and beautiful!

Ive forwarded your website info to many folks around my neighborhood and office, and bragged on your products,hopefully they've purchased from you, I don't know if they did or didn't. BUT, what I DO know is, you folks sell the finest leather purses I've come across and I remember your service being excellent. And the fact that I'm still enjoying the purse I bought after two years and for me, that's a record!

So, although I don't need any more products right now, I can testify that your products are THE BEST and I'm quite confident that I'll enjoy using that organizer purse for a long time coming. And, come the time when I need to purchase a new purse, yours will be the first place I'll look

Many thanks for your fine products and services!! I wish Laura and all of your staff the best!

Best wishes to continue to provide the best leather products around!


Carol Ressler

I received the purse this weekend. It is perfect, awesome, fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much!!

Happy Holidays! Karrie

Hi there,

I just wanted to say thank you soooo much for the advice you gave about fixing a broken zipper. I fixed a purse that I love all thanks to you all! Loved the pictures and the well-explained directions.

Thanks so much,


I wanted to let you know my Classic Organizer arrived and it has far exceeded my expectations. My father was an upholsterer and having grown up around fabric I really appreciate quality fabrics. The leather is fabulous both in appearance and texture. The bag is very well designed and even though it is not really large, the design really expands its capacity.

Thank you,

Laura Davis

Hi it's Carla from Olympia! I just received my new backpack purse and it is exactly what I've been looking for!!!! I totally love it!!!! I just love your stuff!!!!! Thanks so much and thanks to Laura for explaining everything to me so well since I have no vision!

I will be seeing you the next time you are in Olympia!!! God Bless and keep up the good work!!!!

Do they stand behind their goods like we do? Do they smell as good? What a great line and so true!! (Actually, you guys mostly smell nice and sweaty when I see you every July, buy that mixes fine with the leather)

I have sent quite a few folks in your direction. When they mention seeing the cheaper cloth bags in catalogs, I just mention the ones I have had from you starting about 15 years ago that I still use, and they get the point. Yours are definitely worth it!

Love you guys. See you in July fer sher.

Jean Ford

PS: Unless we're on the motorcycle, we always use our Double Travelers on the go. They get almost as much attention as the Jag, especially matching the interior camel leather the way you did. Thanks so much, again and again.

Hi Laura, this is Roberta, Paula Newman's mother of Pacionis Pizzeria in Mt. Vernon. I enjoyed meeting your family and love my purse. It is so soft, light and comfortable. with warm regards.

Hey Andrew and Kathy,

Saw you at Maple Valley Days and exchanged my small backpack for the wallet. Just wanted you to know I LOVE LOVE LOVE the wallet!!!!!! I moved into it and even though it appears small, has much more space than my bigger wallet I moved out of. The leather is nice and soft and pliable. I have tons in it and it's not even strained. I just get a total pleasure out of it every time I take it out to use it. I'm so glad I bought the small backpack so I had to exchange it!!!! Thanks again, Gretchen

Hi Kathy and Andrew,

We met at the Maple Valley Days and I just wanted you to know how much I love the bag and wallet purse I purchased.I use it every day, and have used the small wallet separate for a night out. I have a spot for everything and finally am able to remember where I put everything.

Good luck to your business you do beautiful work and design.

Take care

Patricia Hansen


Thanks for checking on whether we received your e-mail; it’s appreciated and great to be connected to your sales and info.

Best wishes,

Kevin and Debbie Campbell

We already knew that you have outstanding products and service, but this time was amazing. On Thursday afternoon I mailed a bag for a minor repair, expecting to see it in a week or so. When we opened the mailbox today (Saturday), there was the same box. I thought maybe the post office had made a mistake and returned it to me.

Instead, there was the repaired bag with at nice note from Tracy.

Thanks so much for making it so special to do business with you!

Nancy Thompson


Kathy: I bought a navy bag from you at Art in the Park in Boise earlier this month. I told you that I was interested in one because we were traveling to Portugal. We just got back on Saturday night and had a great time. The bag was awesome too. I'm so glad I bought it! Thanks for your help.

Teresa Harbacheck


I so appreciate all your extra time and effort to go the extra mile on doing my purses!! You do beautiful work! Of course I have known that for many years. Thank you so much for the beautiful purses!


Hi,I wanted to thank you for the beautiful job you did repairing the zipper on my purse. My sister and brother-in-law purchased it for me several years ago, and when they heard that the zipper had given out, they took it back to you. I hope you were pleased to see how well it has held up; I use it all the time! Thanks!

Kathryn Buffum

St. Matthew's Lutheran Church

1700 Edmonds Ave NE

Renton WA 98056

Hi Kathy,

My purse arrived yesterday.It looks GREAT!


Karen Meyer

Dear Kathy and Andy,

Met you at TRAC in Pasco WA last fall and purchased your balanced bag and a wallet/purse. I love them both! I've used the balanced organizer bag while traveling via air craft for cosmetics, a change of clothes, camera, etc. That plus one carry on bag (wallet too of course). It made traveling a breeze.

Gloria Ewing

I like the video I plan on bringing my laptop to my next women's group to show it at our fashion show and of course I will bring all my purses to show off. I'm going to insist the one lady running it allow me to show the purse carry option even if she doesn't like that way herself. You wouldn't consider doing a separate version of the video with someone showing how to carry with this purse maybe just for use by companies that do firearms training or show it at gun shows. I don't know if there are any legalities regarding this maybe I could ask Gila and Marty at FAS where I do my training since he has been going to law school. I thought of this idea after I saw your video and thinking about the many times I've talked to women in my shooting group about your purses and trying to explain to them what I've carried in the two different sizes I have, how I would draw with it or how you can shoot through it if necessary and how I put a special knotted rope piece on the middle zipper and train that that is the thing I can grab without looking away from the situation to start my draw process.Hope you all had wonderful holidays.


I just wanted to let you know what an enjoyable experience buying my new purse from you was. From the time I clicked "original leather handbag" into my search engine and found your site it has been wonderful. After looking at your selections and making my decision I called. I am not sure who I spoke with but she could not have been more helpful...from further describing the (2) choices I had to assisting me in selecting a color. Then the really good part...the purse arrived and I got to smell it! Thank you so much. Penelope

My friends and I bought two of your balanced organizers and a belt at your stand last Sunday at the Anacortes Street Fair. I am extremely pleased with the quality of your work. After you sent us your e-mail today and I reviewed your website, I have to tell you how impressed I am with what appears to be a small business success story. You and your family are to be congratulated for living the independent small business dream. I'm sure there's lots of hard work, but you only have yourself to manage, instead of having to deal with all the overhead large business entails. Your last picture, with the motorcycle, says it all. You made my day.

This summer I believe you were at an art show up in Edmonds, anyways a girlfriend and I each bought the same organizer mine in black, hers in brown. I recently came back from my first trip to Europe and I put my organizer to very good use. It preformed just as you said it would, never once while bending, stooping, leaning over things to catch the perfect picture, running for a train or plane did the organizer fall off my shoulder. An indeed there was a place for everything from the center zipper area where I kept my passport and ID. To the many zippered pockets for all other valuable things. I was constantly amazed out how much I was able to stuff in this organizer, makeup, prescription pill bottles, my translation book, my travel journal, maps, bottle of water, my digital camera, the list is endless. The best thing was that I never once during my trip felt the weight of the bag while it was on my shoulder. It was only at the end of the day when I pulled the bag off that I would realize how heavy it was. You have truly made a most remarkable bag, it is by far the most perfect bag not only for travel but for everyday use. I just wanted you to know that you have designed by far the most perfect organizer/purse that I have ever used. I couldn't be more happy with my purchase worth every penny!!Holly Kleis

It is consistently my pleasure to do business with you and to refer others as well. I have been very pleased with my purchase as have been those I've referred. May this year go well for you and your business. Your work ethics are high and appreciate that.Susan

When I got dressed today, I felt I had to send you a note. I purchased a belt from you about 6 months ago. Every day I put it on and am delighted by its quality and appearance - a big smile. I wish I had more need of leather-goods to purchase from you. I might be your smallest customer, but I might also be your most pleased. Dana

I just wanted to thank you for your prompt service and to let you know I received my husbands wallet (the Labrador Retriever) by Christmas. He loved it as it was from his favorite chocolate lab Copper.Toni

I just received my new wallet that you replaced, thank you soooo very much. It is just beautiful!!!!! Have a great day! Vera

This is incredible service. Ordered Monday at 10:30am. Delivered Wednesday at 11:30am - Joanna

Just wanted to give you positive feedback on the small balanced organizer that I bought at the Olympia Wooden Boat Festival. I'm the person that traded out my old small blue backpack that I purchased from you several years ago. (which still looks like I bought it yesterday!) I'm impressed that its so comfortable - I barely notice that its on my shoulder. I'll be sure to let my friends know where it came from. Forget about Dooney Burke and Coach! See you at our next festival, which is Harbor Days, I believe. Pearl

After a year of owning one of you balanced organizer handbags, what you told me about how you don't feel the weight on your shoulder is so true. While shopping at a local store with my husband, and we were just about ready to check out, when I freaked out and told my husband I had forgot my handbag in the car. He said to me "Teresa, it's on your shoulder." I was so unaware that It was on my shoulder because the weight was supported evenly. Thank you for making a great handbag and paying that extra is well worth it for such quality. Teresa

Just a little note to let you know how happy I am with my Small Black Balanced Organizer and Purple Strapped Wallet. Never in my 45 years have I splurged on a nice leather purse usually spending more on my wallets. In fact the most I've ever spent was on my microfiber healthy backpack. Compared to my Balanced Organizer it seems cheap and cheezy. I only wish I had gotten a larger one. Who knows, maybe when you're at the Allied Arts Show I'll be able to get the Large in gray! Anyway that's what I'm going to try and save for. You've SPOILED ME! Teri

Received organizer today. Thank you. I did not expect such fast service and was very pleased to be able to use the bag this weekend. The shoulder strap is perfect. Thanks you once again. I will stop by your booth when you are in Salem in November. I am a handbag nut and I must say that I have never been as pleased as I have been with the bags I have purchased from you. They are just perfect. Pat

I have a blue suede Balanced Organizer and one that I call very light tan. Love them both! I often get questions about where to get them - I always provide your website. Ashley

The key case and fanny pack made it in yesterday in great shape and was everything I expected. Thanks much, I will not hesitate to recommend you folks to my friends. Lloyd

Thank you for repairing the zipper on my waist pack. Thanks for being so prompt and doing a good job as always. P. Kent

I was happy to find you on the net. I just want to mention that I bought a purse and wallet from you back in about 1995 or earlier. I have used the wallet ever since and it is still in really great shape! I looked for it on the website but didn't see it. I hope that when I do eventually need a new wallet, in say 10 years, you'll have a similar model. I figure the snap has to give sooner or later! The purse I have is one of the models you still sell, the small organizer. I use it on and off. I will be purchasing one in brown or camel very soon. Just wanted to mention how much I like your product and I was happy the label inside directed me to the right place! Sarah

Thank you for the beautiful bags. They both arrived safely today. I am so jazzed!!! I adore them. My best friend visited her brother in Tacoma in July and bought 3 of your bags...I had to have one for me and the other is a gift. Again, thanks and I will be contacting you in the near future for a backpack. Valerie

I'm the Spokane lady that bought the taupe bag from you last month...the one that called her sister to come down to buy a bag. Now she would like a lighter color too, so she is saving for that. I finally had time to view your website... very nice! Good family pictures too. I appreciate the information... keep it coming! Jill

Back in 1999 I purchased a Small Organizer handbag in the Christmas Memories show in Salem. I cannot tell you how very much I have enjoyed that purse. Pat

Thanks for the speedy exchange of the purse and also the zipper purse. I appreciate so much the great customer service! Bethany

We got the tan hobo. It is just what I wanted. I really love the two others we bought from your company. They are beautifully crafted; exceptionally well designed (pockets and zippers); and I like the fact that I do not have to do anything to maintain its wonderful look. Your company does a great job. Please make sure that I am on your email list for new products. Thanks. Arlene

Harold and Helen bought me a nice leather purse from you at Victorian Country XMAS, I love it. What a surprise! Thanks so much for making quality stuff. Dorie

I bought a purse from you 17 years ago and my second purse just this last Sunday at the University Street Fair. Love the new purse, smells great too. Who needs incense - but a purse from Ace! Really like your web site too. Full of good advise, clear instructions on the zipper repair and personality plus! Yes, you do listen! Mary

I just wanted to let you guys know how SURPRISED and very PLEASED  I was when you replaced my purse with a new one. I will shop with you again. LeAnn

Thank you so much for sending back the repaired bag. How Quick. Very Impressive! I cannot even tell where the tear was. Yumi

I just wanted to let you know that I love my Perfect Bag. It is truly the "perfect bag". I have traveled to Nashville three years in a row now. The first year I did not have my Ace Leather Double Traveler or my Perfect bag. The second year I did. What a difference it made. This year I didn't even have to think about what bags I would use to travel with. I have put all of my other suit cases and luggage in my garage sale because I don't use them any more.

I don't like to travel with my Balance Travel organizer, mostly because you are limited to one carry-on now. So with the perfect bag I can put use it as a very large purse to put my personal items in, like toothbrush, brush, deodorant and makeup. Then I can take my wallet organizer bag and have my money, keys and cell phone in. It fits in the perfect bag with the rest of my items and I only have one bag to carry around the airport. I have my Double Traveler checked and I'm off to Nashville.

Then when I'm around town and want to go to my friends on the islands for the weekend, I just toss some overnight things and a change of cloths in the perfect bag and off I go. It's the perfect size weather it a 2 week trip to Nashville as a carry-on or a weekend trip across the sound. It holds exactly what you need for either one. I love my perfect bag as well as all of my other Ace Leather items. Please keep doing what you do and I'll keep using what I have. Carrie

I can't thank you enough for your quick service. The double traveler luggage arrived yesterday afternoon. Just about 20 hours after I ordered it!!!

As usual, like all the products I have purchased from you, it is a quality bag that I know I will use whenever I travel. I am planning a trip for the 17th so I will be using it then. Something I really liked was that it fit comfortably over the same shoulder as the balanced organizer without being bulky and making me look like a sherpa which was the case with some of my other luggage.

I want to tell you that I still use the balanced organizer every day and still put it in the well of the car, move it into the back seat and generally USE it. After more than a year it still doesn't show any wear or tear except maybe the zipper pulls are losing some of their paint from constant use.

In short, I love your products. Pat

. ...for not only speedy, but remarkable wonderful repairing (and polishing!!) my handbag! It arrived on Wednesday and you got it late on Sunday!! You're such a great business, and I pass your info on to anyone who asks about my bag. Keep up the great business, and I'll faithfully be your admiring customer! Patty

I really like my new wallet and shaving kit. I know my wife likes her new purses as well. Tony

I got the wallet today. Thanks for the courteous and prompt service. I appreciated getting the confirming email so I knew you got the order and it was on its way. Laura

It arrived yesterday and Ron is very pleased. Thanks for the extra help and special assistance with our order. Once again you guys come through with flying colors! Vickie

I received my leather cigarette case today and I am so pleased. Thanks so much. Carol

I received my balance bag this past week and just wanted you to know how much I am enjoying it. I am a poketbook fanatic and have some very expensive bags (Louis Vuitton, Coach, Dooney & Bourke, etc.) and I could not believe how much more I am enjoying the balance bag. I was looking for a bag that I could fit what I needed to in and it be comfortable to wear. I was on the "net" one day going through different handbag/backpack sites and luckily stumbled on your site totally by accident (that was about 4 months ago). With Christmas and all I could not afford to buy a bag and kept going back to the site every now and then to see if the bags ever went on sale and...lo and behold, my patience paid off - there was the discontinued bag section. I jumped at the chance and boy am I glad I did. I love my bag and can honestly say I will be back for another - most likely the twin balance bag and at a full price. They are well worth it. i can't see myself changing my bag as often as I did - I am totally satisfied with the balance bag. Beth

Thank-you so much for confirming my order and I truly appreciate you "digging" for my precious bag.

I had a heck of a time finding you because I purchased my original bag back in 1998 at the Everett Mall. I was in desperate need of a new bag and the gal (Kathy?) took a great deal of time with me explaining the fabulous advantages of this incredible leather bag, that had a great look. The other advantages were the "balance", designed not to strain your neck or back, all the pockets for organization...........I was sold. Now 7 years later, I was in a frenzy trying to find another bag like mine. I can no longer read the label on the inside of the bag with your company name on it, so I was at a loss. Desperate, I figured I'd try the internet search and did remember you being on Whidbey Island. Alas, I found you, thank God. Thank-you so much for still being in business and creating such quality items at such reasonable prices. I really appreciate your talents and abilities and want to thank-you for your hard work and dedication over the years. Thanks a million. Claire

Just on a whim (even though I'm far from being Mrs. Fixit when it comes to mechanical things) I clicked on "Zipper Repair." Though puzzling over the word "pocket" in the context of zipper repair instructions, I muddled through -- and fixed the zipper of my nearly twenty-year-old grey C-3 purse! Since the zipper has functioned at its own pleasure for months, I'm totally overcome by amazement at my newly discovered mechanical ability! Carol

Thanks for the really helpful zipper repair instructions. I was able to fix one of my two purses I still own which I purchased at different street fairs. Lynda