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When Choosing a belt it's important to know how Belts are normally measured and labeled for size. Most Belts are normally measured from where the belt leather folds at the buckle end to the middle hole at the tip end and are usually stamped on the back of the belt with the size example 32, 34, 36 etc.

Many Women's Belts are marked with a letter such as XS, S, M, L, or XL in general, those sizes would be:

Women's Size Scale XS = 24" - 26" S = 28" - 30" M = 32" - 34" L= 36" - 38" XL = 38" - 40"

For most belts you would want to choose your belt approximately 2" larger than your waist measurement, of course would suggest to measure your waist at the level where you would wear your belt.

Some people will measure the overall length of their current belt "tip to tip" but this does not always accurately help you to tell which size belt you need as of the difference in lengths of different buckles. On some belts which are made before a buckle is attached you may need to buy your belt the same size as your waist or pants size, this would be the case where the belt is a certain size but has a large - long buckle added to it, a large buckle can add over 2 inches to the belts size so as an example a size 34" belt could become a size 36" or even larger. The best General rule of thumb is that you should buy your belt 2" larger than your waist - pants size, but you should never hesitate to ask questions when in doubt.

Sizing for Belts

Measuring with a Tape: Most Accurate

Using a soft tape measure is the best method for determining belt length. Take the tape and thread it through your belt loops on your pants. Now pull it to the position that feels comfortable. By doing this you have determined the exact length of your belt. Using this length we will provide an additional 2 holes that are larger and smaller than this length.

Using Your Own Belt:

Take your belt and measure from the fold where the buckle is attached to the hole you normally use to buckle your belt. We will provide 2 additional holes larger and 2 smaller than this length.

Using Your Pants Size:

You can provide us with your pant size and we will size your belt accordingly. For example, if your size is W38xL40, 38" is your pant width. Using this as the base for your belt length, we will make your belt for that length, providing 2 additional holes larger and smaller than that size. There is an additional charge for belts longer than 42"

Other Ways:

We discourage any other way of sizing your belt. Please use one of the above methods if you wish to receive a belt that is the correct size. If you have any questions please Contact Us