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Belts-Tooled, Plain & Specialty

 Made of California Latigo leather, which comes from range toughened steer hides, our handmade belts are tough, flexible and pliable, with a natural luster that only improves with age. Scars and flaws in the leather show and accent the true marks of cowhide.

The hides are then cut into long strips of varying widths and lengths, making standard sizes that range from 24" to 42" with larger sizes available on request. Our tooling and coloring process often takes three different dye combinations, coloring, fade dyeing and waxing are all done by hand. This process and attention to detail achieve the rich color that is so distinctive in our finished belts. All the belts have nice beveled edges; this process makes the width slightly smaller than the width offered. Andrew uses the analogy “Like a two by four” they are always slightly smaller. This also gives room for the buckle. Buckles are true to size so the belt has to be a bit smaller as to fit the buckles. Please realize if you measure the belt width it will be smaller. The belts are fitted with snaps so our customers have the added flexibility to use their own buckle if they prefer.

With our tooled wildlife belts we have tried to provide a wide selection of designs that are typical and well loved in the American tradition. There’s also a good selection of N.W. Indian designs which reflect our Pacific Coast heritage.

Our Specialty Belts are made from the same California Latigo Leather as the other belts in our collection. However, these belts have some unique touches: appliqued cruisers, nickels and our Mystery Braid, these options set these belts apart from the others.

When choosing a size the best thing is to measure a belt that is being worn from the buckle end to the hole that is used the most. Choose the size that is closest to that measurement. Our belts are sized to the middle hole with two holes smaller and two holes larger in 1 inch increments. We always call them “Before and after Dinner” holes. Example: If you get a 36” belt it will have holes from 34” to 38”. Remember with the belts being all one piece of leather they will stretch, usually one hole after a few days of wear.