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TravelMate Backpack

The TravelMate Backpack continues to be our most popular product.

Ergonomically designed to fit the body and reduce the pressure of your daily load. This unique design has evolved over a period of fifteen years and the end result is absolutely incredible!

Our unique and functionally designed Travel Twin Organizers have two roomy main zipper compartments with many interesting pockets and an additional third zippered compartment centered between the two main sections for security and easy accessibility.

Our has the addition of a removable and adjustable second extra strap. This allows you to use it both as a backpack and as a secured belted pack when desired.

The TravelMate Backpack comes in several colors and sizes

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Backpacks and Waist Packs

We have a wide variety of backpacks and waist packs in several different colors.  Each handcrafted bag is unique with subtle variations in color. As with all of our leather products, our backpacks and waist packs are made of tanned cowhide. Our bags are lightweight and weather resistant.

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Convertible Bags

Our convertible bags are designed to have a European look. These bags are suitable for both men and women. Like all of our products, our convertible bags are made from an incredible high quality of top grain cowhide that has been drum dyed to insure that the color is steadfast. They are lightweight and extremely weather resistant. The adjustable strap is double-stitched and is sewn in such a way that it makes it easy to wear the bag on your shoulder or around your waist.

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Purses and Totes

We use an elegantly and subtly finished top grain drum dyed cowhide for all of our hand and shoulder bags to make them lightweight, flexible, and extremely durable. The leather we use for these bags is tanned and colored simultaneously ensuring that the color will last and is protected from water spots. These bags will not shrink or develop stains even if they are soaking wet.

The Inside compartments are individually lined in a cotton polyester blend creating a double wall lining between facing pockets. The bags large gussets make it so that each of the inside pockets are usable and they do not borrow space from other pockets. You do not need to worry about items in your bag pressing towards the outside of your bag and distorting its shape.

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Luggage and Briefcases

Made with a thicker grade of soft but extremely durable drum dyed cowhide, our luggage and briefcases are both soft and durable. We use high quality plastic fittings that are stronger and lighter than metal to help give shape to our bags and not set off airport metal detectors. The rivets used on the handles go all the way through both the leather and an upholstery board inside giving the bags additional strength and durability.

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Mens and Womens Dress Wallets

We use nubuck and oil tanned cowhide in our dress wallets. These wallets really highlight our design skills and our ability to work with fine leather. These wallets are slim, compact, durable, and efficient. These wallets are extremely durable and will last as long as the tooled and plain chrome tanned Latigo leather used in other wallets. We do not use linings in the main momey sections of our wallets since the lining would wear out long before our wallet does.

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Soft Leather Accessories

We carry a wide variety of coin purses in different colors and styles. These are a great way to keep your money and keys organized.

We also carry several soft leather cases for glasses, cameras, and more.

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Tooled Leather Belts

Our leather belts are made from tooled 9/10 oz. Latigo leather referred to as "California Latigo". This tanning process is very unique and there are only two outlets for this type of lether in the U.S.A. Our belts are tough, flexible and pliable with a natural luster that improves with age. Our belts come in sizes from 24" to 42" with larger sizes available upon request. Ace Leather Goods belts are made using snaps so you can easily switch out the belt buckle for one of your choosing.

We have several tooled designs as well as wildlife designs and specialty designs. Our specialty designs include braided belts, cruiser overlaid belts, and our Geometric Nickel belts which includes attached authentic Indian Head nickels.

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Tooled Wallets

Our tooled wallets are made from the same Chrome Tanned Latigo cowhide. These wallets are tough and flexible. Hand colored and waxed, these wallets are rich in color and very distinctive. We have several wildlife designs you can choose from including Elk, Deer, Eagles, Bears, Fish, and more. We also have Native American and car and truck designs.

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Tooled Leather Accessories

We have several tooled leather accessories that go perfect with our tooled belts. These include:

  • Tooled Wildlife Belt Buckles
  • Tooled Knife Sheaths
  • Chew Pouch
  • 12" Tape Measure Case

We also have tooled leather key chains in a variety of designs and other accessories such as coin purses and hair accessories.

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Our Guarantee

Guarantee: Internet and Mail order only

All returns must be done with 30 days of purchase.

For internet and mail order purchases we offer a 100% money back guarantee.  If you are not satisfed with your purchase just return it to us in new and unused condition for an exchange or refund.  Due to the expenses incurred in processing your order there will be a 15% restocking fee subtracted from the total of your refund.  All exchanges and refunds must have prior approval from the office.  Shipping and handling fees are not included.  

Sorry we cannot accept for refund or exchange items that have been worn, that have been used, or have been modified. This includes belts tried on and buckled down, wallets that have been completely filled and stretched, or purses that have been used.

There will also be no exchange or refund for discontinued items.

Guarantee: Festivals and Shows

All returns must be done with 30 days of purchase.

Exchanges only on new and unused merchandise, sorry no refunds. Due to the high cost of working shows and the added expense of daily sales commissions, we are unable to offer merchandise refunds to festival customers. We will be happy to make every effort to make a satisfactory exchange and or issue a credit voucher on future purchases. Under rare circumstances, some exceptions may apply but will need to have pre-approval from our office. Any refunds given at that time will incur a 20% restocking fee to cover costs. Shipping and handling fees not included.

Sorry we cannot accept for refund or exchange items that have been worn or used. This includes belts tried on and buckled down, wallets that have been completely filled and stretched, or purses that have been used.

Quality Assurance

Limited one year Guarantee

We will replace or repair items such as fanny packs, purses, luggage, backpacks and briefcases that have a manufacturing defect including hardware, zippers, lining and flawed leather. All merchandise is subject to careful inspection. All products being considered must have been used under normal circumstances and for the intended use that it was made for.

If by our determination a product appears to be well worn out or used in a manner unintended for the product usage, we will be unable to offer free repair or replacement, regardless of the amount of time owned. In most cases the product may still be repaired but will be assessed a reasonable repair cost plus shipping and handling.

Exchange Policy

Any new and unused merchandise that is still being made by Ace may be exchanged, with no time limit, for a full credit including tax on any combination of Ace Leather Goods products.

Sorry we cannot accept for exchange items that have been worn or used. This includes belts tried on and buckled down, wallets that have been completely filled and stretched, or purses that have been used. S/H fees not included.

Full Service Guarantee

We are happy to extend to our customers the satisfaction of knowing that we will repair if possible any product that we make as long as you want to own it. We also can replace hardware that may become damaged including zippers, clips, rings, snaps, fasteners etc. Just call us for a quote on costs. On repairs that are more complicated, we may need to see the product first to make a fare estimate.