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Welcome Friends,

My name is Andrew Gilkerson and since I was 15 years old I have been perfecting the craft of quality handcrafted leather goods. I married my wife Kathleen in 1989 and together we have built a business based on quality products and customer satisfaction. Ace Leather Goods, Inc. has been serving the Greater Northwest at many of the finest arts & crafts shows, as well as maintaining a retail location since 1982. I first started doing leatherwork in a garage in Seattle. I worked for ten months there and went back to the San Francisco Bay Area where I was raised. A belt manufacturing company that taught me a lot of product knowledge and craftsmanship employed me. At seventeen, I was in charge of their belt production and five employees. After two years, I returned to Seattle where I went to work back in the same garage, with substantially more knowledge. I was completely in charge of the shop and made everything myself. I also developed a wholesale line and started to merchandise and sell the products as well. Due to unusual circumstances, I had the opportunity to start my own company and since that time, I have acquired four small leather businesses. Through a tremendous amount of support and work by my wife and my family Ace Leather Goods, Inc. was born and continues to thrive due to all of your support. Thank you, for everything!

We create and craft all of our products, and bring them to you from beautiful Whidbey Island, Washington. We are proud of the fact that our products, the relationships we develop with our customers and how they are treated as individuals, continues to be the basis or our growth and success as a company. We also find it very important to provide our customers with new designs and patterns in both soft leathers and tooling leathers. As well as from listening to their suggestions, improve products we are currently making. This keeps us so busy we no longer have the time for custom type work. After you have reviewed the products, we do make. I think you will agree that the quality and the variety, not to mention the price points of our products, will give you a lot to choose from if you are thinking of purchasing handcrafted leather goods. So again, welcome and we hope you enjoy our web-site for product information and ordering. For finding us in your area, check out our show schedule. We hope to see you at an art show soon.

Andrew Gilkerson 


Ace Leather Goods, Inc.