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Buying Our Handcrafted Products:

About Ace Leather Goods and our Designs

Repairs, Returns and Cleaning

How can I buy an Ace Leather Product?

At this point we have retired from shows.  You can still buy from us online or if you prefer to speak with us directly to place an order you can call us at 877-327-2260.

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes, we do offer gift certificates. Ace Leather Goods Gift Certificates are available for purchase starting at $25.00.

Is your online website and checkout secure?

Yes, it is. We have and will always take the time and responsibility of keeping all of your information and data safe, whether it's your credit card information, phone number, email, etc.

Are your bags available in stores?

No not anymore.  You can only buy directly from Andrew and Kathleen at this point.

Do you have a retail location?

We no longer have a retail location. We had maintained a retail store of one sort or another for more than twenty years. Maintaining a retail store in the tourist area where we live on Whidbey Island is not cost effective. Having a store to maintain when there is only two or three months a year of tourist traffic just doesn't make good business sense. 

Do your animals go to work with you at the shop?

Our old German Shepherd ,Harley, crossed the rainbow bridge in 2022.  We miss him very much.  We adopted another German Shepherd his name is Bubba and he looks enough like Harley that he could be his son. He is Andrews "velcro" dog and is very much a part of shop life. He enjoys visiting Kathleen in the office and wanders about the shop inspecting our work as he goes along. He also reminds us that there are times when a break from our hard work is needed and he enjoys getting a ball tossing going or giving him a scratch behind the ears. He is often found laying near a shop table keeping an eye on things.

How do you decide how much your leather creations should sell for?

We arrive at our prices by taking into consideration the quality of workmanship, the cost of using superior materials, and the cost of doing business. We have always made a point to keep our prices in line with the philosophy that we started the company with and that is : We wanted to make the highest quality unique products and offer them to the average person in blue jeans to be able to afford to buy. I have always thought that you shouldn't have to be wealthy to own quality.

I am very pleased and excited about my purchase what can I do?

We appreciate hearing from our customers about the positive experiences they have with their purchases. Please send us a Testimonial we would love to post it on our site for all to see.

How can I send my Testimonial?

You can email us with your thoughts, send us a letter, or give us a phone call. We always appreciate our customers input.

I am not happy with my order what can I do?

If we have accidentally made a mistake in/with your order, we want to know. If there is a way to rectify any disappointments that our customers have, we will work with them to the very best of our abilities.

Where can I find you when you are not at the shows?

We are usually at our shop diligently working to make product, new designs or loading up for the next trip. We are only a phone call or email away.

Do you offer a lifetime guarantee?

No, I am sorry we do not offer a lifetime guarantee. Our products are consumables they will eventually wear out. We have determined that our products last on average between 12-30 years.

Do you offer wholesale pricing?

Yes we do. Please keep in mind wholesale is for quantity purchasing. We will need a resale number to be able to offer wholesale. Quantity orders must total over $500.00 to be considered for wholesale pricing upon approval. Contact us for more information.

Can I get a discount on my purchase?

We do not negotiate on our prices. If you are part of our email list you can receive special sales prices through your email. When we send out an email special you will get a pin code that you can use.

Do you have sales and discounts?

On occasion we have sales and discounts available through our website, when we do not have the expenses incurred from being at shows. Sign up for our Newsletter to be a part of specials for valued customers good on the website or a phone order.

Do you work shows in other states?

No more shows as of 2019

How do I know if the piece I want to order is in stock?

Orders placed through our online store will be informed very quickly as to whether the item is in stock or not either by phone or via email. Orders that need to be made are usually shipped within 7-14 days; however we reserve the right of 4-6 weeks to get these items made if we are waiting for materials. We welcome a phone call or an emailand we will respond to any question in this regard very timely.

How can I be notified if there is a new design available?

We are not designing new products at this time, after 45 years Andrew is getting tired.

How do I wear my TravelMate Backpack?

We have a video that takes you through these bags from start to finish. If you have any questions after viewing this segment please let us know our thought is: If you aren't using your bag it will never wear out!!

View our video "All about the TravelMate Backpack" on our Info page for additional information!

Do you do custom leatherwork?

No! I am sorry we don't. Even though we design and create our products ourselves making custom products is not time or cost effective for us. It takes all our energy and focus to stay up with the product line we have.

Where do you get the inspiration when creating new products?

We listen to our customers. This is what gets our creative juices going! We can't take a single suggestion generally from just one person but if we are repeatedly hearing that our customers are looking for something specific it only makes sense to pay attention. If you don't you will forever be a hobbyist.

Do you do custom colors or combinations?

Generally we do not. Of course money talks! There are exceptions when it comes to our TravelMate Backpack but you will need to contact us.

How often do you create new designs and/or products?

We are creating and designing all the time (sometimes the thoughts sneak in our dreams) but generally January and February is when we have a bit more time to stay in creative mode. Throughout any given year we compile all of the input and product suggestions that have been given to us and try to implement the most popular requests into our new products.

Do you make changes and update the products you make now?

Indeed we do. This is a very important part of our progress as a company. After a product is finished and available for sale we will interview our customers that purchase them and ask a variety of questions over about a years time. We compile what we have learned and apply it to the specific item. This often times will add strength and better function, and in the end a far more successful piece of functional craftsmanship.

Can you request a color choice in soft leather added to your line?

No. We offer such a wide array of colors as it is. Each drum dyed lot of leather will always come out slightly different. In the soft leather the drums run about 3500 sq. ft. per drum, per color so we use the colors that consistently are in demand. My wife is fond of saying,"it's like a chocolate chip cookie recipe...the batches are never quite the same.

What don't you make?

We do not make hats, gloves, money belts, shoes, coats, slippers, clothing, chaps, saddlebags, custom knife sheath, medieval garb, spikes, or holsters.

Can you make changes to the item I purchase if I need it?

We offer the ability to make your strap a custom length if need be. This applies to our purse, luggage, briefcases and waist bag straps. We also are willing to put a light colored lining in any style if that is important to you. There will be a charge for these services. Call for details. Pocket and zipper placement cannot be changed.

Can you put initials on my tooled leather purchase?

Yes. We only offer to put initials on our tooling leathers. The charge can vary but the normal amount is $2.50 per letter going on a belt or wallet. We do not put initials on any of the soft leather pieces unless it is for a promotional purpose and in quantity orders.

Can you put Indian/buffalo head nickels on my purchase?

Yes we can. We will at a price of $5.00 each put either an Indian/buffalo nickel snap or rivet on your tooled leather purchase. We can put them on the soft leather but you will need to contact us for a price.

How can I make a suggestion for future products?

You are welcome to give us an idea or show us a product you like with suggestions on how to change it. You can do this by emailing us or bring it by one of the shows we attend but remember we are only there for a few short days so if you choose to bring us an idea at a show it is very important to come early!

Are your Ace bags washable?

Yes you can but all that is really required is a damp cloth to wipe your soft leather purchase from time to time. The soft leather we use is completely sealed and will not need future care. You can use Murphy's oil soap for anything stubborn such as ink or ground in dirt. This is non-abrasive great leather cleaner for a fair price. With ink DON'T WAIT! ink is very similar to the liquid dye we use to color the tooling products and if left alone on soft leather it will seep into the pours and become a part of the bag with virtually no recourse. So don't wait do it quickly.

Are Ace Leather Goods bags waterproof?

All of our soft leather is drum dyed. This is your assurance that your purchase will not water spot or fade unless under very extreme circumstances. Our thought is ;why would you purchase leather in the first place? You do so because you just want to be able to use it with thinking about it. My wife has always said when asked in one of our booths. We are Northwest artisans and we work many outdoor art/crafts shows and over half of that time it is raining and wet.

I bought a leather bag at the "State Fair" and it smells. What can I do?

It is always difficult to determine the origins of leather products that are not made by us. It is imperative that if you choose to purchase a leather product from a State or County fair the likelihood is that it was made in the United States is very small. Most of the products sold at these types of fairs are imported and the tanning processes done in other countries can be horrific to say the least. Remember most of these products come from countries that are very dry and have primitive tanning methods. If you are like us and from the Northwest, as soon as it gets in our damp climate the smells are awful! Be sure to examine the item thoroughly before purchase, checking for quality and smell before you buy. Once you get it home you will most likely be stuck with it.

Why doesn't your luggage have wheels?

Wheels and the hardware necessary along with the stiffeners add significant weight to any bag. Our bags are designed and geared for the active traveler that doesn't want to give up their bags to the airline personal. Not to offend the folks that use wheels we do understand their needs but it's not part of our line.

Where can I read what others have said about your product line?

We have many articles and testimonials on our website.

Do your kids help you at the shows and/or in the shop?

Our two kids have grown up around our leather business. We have never forced them to come to shows when they were young. They have always helped in the shop with creating, cutting, sweeping floors, computer and office work and whatever else we needed them to do. You can possibly see them at a show now and again now that they are older and can lift boxes and drive.

How do you care for tooled leather?

The tooling leather is very durable. It can scratch and if this happens our suggestion is to use a permanent marker in the color that is the closest to the area scratched and cover it. After doing that you can seal it with a small amount of any clear floor wax. Remember a little goes a long way. Let it dry and then buff it to a shine.

How do you care for soft leather?

The soft leather is drum dyed and should not need much on any cleaning done to it. A damp cloth to wipe it down from time to time is all that is really necessary. You can use Murphy's Oil soap in small amounts mixed with water about 20% Murphy's and the rest water in a quart mixture to clean stubborn dirt or ink. If you choose to use a cleaning agent that is recommend for soft leather just be sure it is a cream or lotion. You never want to use anything abrasive that could leave marks when you are finished. We feel that our job was to make it with incredible materials and you only job should be to use your purchase.

Can you fix my zipper?

Yes in fact most of the time you will be able to fix it yourself. Take a look at our video on zipper repair. If your zipper needs complete replacement we will have to inspect it to be sure what will be involved. This is done on a case-by-case basis. If there is a problem with a zipper that is from misuse we will still do our best to help your cause you will need to contact us first.

Can you fix my bag?

Yes most of the time we can and are happy to do so. There are always some extenuating circumstances where if after many years of use sometimes it can be more expensive and cost prohibitive to fix than to replace. In that instance we will need to view the piece and talk with you as well. Please contact us.

Can you fix my bag that was purchased from someone else?

No we are truly sorry that we cannot work on other designer's bags. Often times even with the best of intentions it can void a warranty that could possibly exist on the item in question. As well as make us a little crazy!

Can you fix my snap?

As long as it is one of our products, we sure can. Often times if it is in fact a quick fix we will send customers to a real cobbler shop (not a quick shoe stop in a shopping mall) because the shipping costs can far exceed the cost to actually fix it. If it is an involved fix we can do it just contact us.

Can you fix my torn lining?

We can fix small tears depending on where the tear or rip is. If the area in question is near a seam we most likely can help out. If it involves tearing the whole bag apart to get at an area we will have to see the item. We do not however reline our bags if the lining is what we would call completely worn out at that time we recommend a new bag. They will wear out eventually. Contact us and we will help.

What should I do if the leather is torn on the outside of my bag?

This depends on the location of the tear. If it is near a seam and the tear is small we have a chance to be able to save it. We do not recommend putting patches on the outside of any bag. This not only looks tacky but it is a weak point. This is similar to putting a Band-Aid on the leather.

Can you re-dye my bag?

We do not re-dye bags.

I purchased a product at a festival/show. Can I return it?

No. I am deeply sorry we do not do refunds from any show purchases. Along with all the increasing costs of travel expenses, we are often times in situations that require us to pay not only for our booth location but are also required to pay a percentage of the sales we do directly to the promoters of the event. We believe in customer service and when we spend the time we do in showing our wares that is time we dedicate to a one on one experience and are not spending with someone else. The shows we work are generally two and three days long and we are only in these locations once a year. We will do all that we can to make you happy with your purchase and are always willing to do an exchange or give you a credit/gift certificate.

How can I return an item purchased from the Ace website?

We do accept returns for purchases done through our website. We appreciate a call or email to get authorization first. We understand that when an item is purchased on the Internet it is not always a "done deal" and that leather is tactile, some customers will need to touch, smell and feel it first. We want our customers to be thrilled with their purchases and we will give full refunds if necessary to keep our customers old or new completely satisfied. We believe it is just good business. We apologize but we don't refund any freight money

How do you exchange a product?

If your purchase is new and unused and we are still making the design in question you can exchange it for whatever you need to. You can even request a gift certificate if you are unable to make up your mind right away. NO pressure. Shipping your product directly to us is no problem. Exchange authorization is required from our shop and is helpful to us. Be sure to include your name, address, and daytime phone when you send your product in to exchange.

Note: You may consider checking our show schedule to see if we are coming to an area near you and at that time you can bring your item with you to do the exchange. We exchange any of our items at the booth including purchases from the Internet.

Can you really wash leather in a washing machine?

No I wouldn't recommend it. I have heard of people that say they have but I must question whether the item was in fact 100% leather to begin with. There have been some of our customers that have said that it was successful for them but I personally wouldn't recommend it. This was an action taken only when the decision was made that they were going to throw it away and this was a last ditch effort.

Can you exchange a bag for a different color?

Yes you can. As long as it is a color we are making currently.

Can you exchange a belt that was purchased and was the wrong size?

Yes you sure can. The belts last long enough, as it is we don't want them sitting around unused. It is very important that there are no marks in the belt where someone tried it on. Please remember that any item being exchanged must be able to be sold again as a new product to someone else. No one wants to receive an item that looks used. Contact us. Other than the shipping cost to get it back to you there will be no charge for this service. If the belt goes past 42in length there will be an additional charge if the belt being exchanged was a smaller size.

Can you return a used bag for an exchange or refund?

No we cannot except any used bags for exchange or refunds. This includes any bags that have been used and show slider wear, lining wear, leather wear basically the easiest way to determine this is ask yourself this question ;Would you be happy with this purchase sent to you as a new bag? If you have any question in your mind about this then the bag is used and we cannot exchange or refund it.

How do you try out a purchase without making it look used or worn?

When you receive your bag inspect it and then put everything you want to carry in it. Please be careful don't spill your coffee in it, or let your cat sit on it, or your doggy chew on it. It's similar to how you would test a pair of shoes: try it on, look in the mirror but stay inside. Don't wear it to work or take it out until you are sure you are pleased and keeping it. Trying out your bag in the way we have described above should give you a good sense of whether the bag is right for you. If you decide that you need help deciding call or email us

When you receive or get home with your belt purchase be sure that it was the one you wanted. When you try it on be sure you are putting it through the loops and do not cinch it down with the buckle attached until you can see that it is going to be the right size. Belts of ours seem to last forever and they will stretch so don't despair if it looks to be a little tight. Tight is good. The second to the end hole is great our belts will always stretch at least one holes worth. Anyone telling you that leather doesn't stretch is in fact pulling your leg

When you get your wallet full of all your goodies remember that each slot will be able to fit more as the leather stretches but start that stretching process only after you are sure that it is the style you will want. All the wallets take a short time to break in but having the right style is the most important for your needs. If the card slots in the wallet are stretched too much where it looks used we cannot exchange or return it.

Will you pay for my shipping costs in doing an exchange or return?

No we are a small business and this kind of luxury we cannot offer without raising our prices and we do our best to keep our prices in line for the most important group of all our Customers.