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The Backpack Travel Twin Travels The World!

Not only is our Backpack Travel Twin Balanced Organizer our most popular bag, it is now our most traveled bag. Two of our customers, Howard and Kathy Knaggs, decided to take a one year trip and document through pictures all the places they visited with their Travel Twin bags, including Australia, China, and Rome.

They have two of our Backpack Travel Twin Balanced Organizer—an extra large that Howard uses as a camera bag and a medium, which is in most of the pictures, that Kathy uses as a purse. Along their journey they were met by friends, the Cowgers, who also own one of our Travel Twins as well.

Whether they were riding through the Steppes on Mongolian horses or snorkeling in Hawaii, their Backpack Travel Twins were there. They enjoyed their bags so much they decided to share their journey with us and sent us pictures from every location they visited. Enjoy the pictures in the gallery and if you would like you can read their e-mails on our BLOG.

Check out the Travelmate in action around the world...